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What Google’s Panda 4.0 update does to businesses! lol.

What Google’s Panda 4.0 update does to businesses! lol.


5 easy steps to rank higher in search results - for small businesses

If you have a small business, and you are not ranking for your own name in the top of search results, then you have a problem.
Usually i would suggest you use a Search Engine Optimization company (like us) , but saying small business often means that most of you can’t afford to pay for SEO service, or it’s basically not worth it in your opinion!

I’ll make it easier for you, i’ll share with you (FOR FREE) some tips that can make a big difference in the position of your site in search results.

Here’s the 5 easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have a title for your main page, and the title contain your company name (many websites are left with no title, or with the title home …).
  2. Have your actual company name on the main page! i know it’s obvious but many forget to mention their company name even once.
  3. Make sure your company name is in the meta description of the site.
  4. Don’t use a none related URL, if your company name is banana don’t put your website on
  5. Don’t put hundreds of links to the internet directories.

Not all content is created equal - SEO wise

Content is a tricky subject, some posts and articles can be 700-1000 word long and still have nothing of value to offer.

Sometimes articles have little information, and a lot of pictures, and have no real value as well, even if people do like and share such content, it still is with no value, other than time wasting!

Search engine, and Google in particular, prefer the mix of both types.

But, not all content is created equal, without even taking in consideration the information this content is providing …. Shocked ? You should be!

Know this: depending on the platform you are using, the content have a different chance of ranking high in search results, if you have the same information posted on : a wordpress blog, a tumblr blog, and a self hosted wordpress blog …
they will rank differently in the search results page, and here’s how:

- Tumblr blog will barely be listed in the results, you might even not find it, even if you did an exact term search operation. (Sometimes even the indexed link is the one without the keywords in the URL)

- Wordpress blog will rank in the 1st page if the exact title is used as search term.

- Self hosted blog will be treated according to how Google view the site, it might rank first in search results or even rank very low, in the second or third page.

- Blogger, usually rank a little bit less efficiently than wordpress.

Google Analytics will no longer offer keywords that brought search traffic

Knowing what search terms were used to get to which pages, and where each page ranks in those search terms will no longer be possible.

Google will no longer be sharing this data in Google Analytics with webmasters and agencies, but it is still possible to have similar data in the Webmaster Tools product.

But Webmaster Tools Data is based on a sampling, or an average set of aggregated traffic, and not organic like Google Analytics.

Advertisers running Google adwords on search campaigns, will not be affected, they will still get that keyword data for the ads they ran, in Google Analytics.

 ”organic” Google search result, will generates no data; but when you click on an ad displayed alongside the organic search results you will get the Data related to these ads.

PageRank or PR no more updates but not dead!

The PageRank, commonly known as the page or website PR, will no longer get any updates this year, it used to be updated every couple of month, but in an effort to fight link spam, Google decided to not update the Page Rank of websites frequently, the last update of website’s PR was 8 months ago ….

No PageRank updates, does not mean that the PR of websites are not updating, it simply means that these updates will now be shared by Google less frequently.

Is the PR dead? No it is not, because PR is one of the factors the search giant use to rank websites & businesses online, now, social media is also influencing the ranking of websites, but still that does not means that the old factors would no longer be used.

Sep 7

Why tumblr is bad for ranking in search results & SEO!

Tumblr is bad for ranking in search results, and it is difficult to have an efficient SEO for any tumblr site.

The above statement i did not invent, it is a subject that many have written about since the launch of tumblr.
Many think that tumblr weak html output SEO wise, is the reason why most tumblr powered sites and blogs perform so bad ranking wise.

Tumblr is the easiest way to create a blog or even a website, and it also puts you directly in contact with your audience, it is basically a hybrid of Facebook news feed and a blogging platform … It is a social blogging platform … And yet it’s biggest strength is it’s biggest weakness!

The reason why tumblr sites and blogs don’t rank well in Google search, is because the search giant is considering these sites as duplicate content ….
You should see it from Google’s point of view, the search company mission is to index all content, so let’s imagine you want to know all the newly purchased cars in a small city, you can go from car dealer to car dealer to get the info you need, or you can go directly to the car registration department and get the list of all the cars …. That’s exactly how search engines are doing, they are indexing the tumblr tags first, then when they finally come to your site, your content would be labeled as duplicate and thus sortof penalized!
Furthermore, tumblr is too fast for the search engines, a single post could be duplicated 1000s of times in a single day, and that’s a duplicate content nightmare for S.E., thus most probably search engines treat tumblr sites in a less serious way then they treat other sites.

Aug 7

How to make your article SEO friendly.

In this post i’ll give some tips on how to have a SEO friendly article,
In case you are more familiar with search engine optimization,  you would be wondering what is SEO friendly?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it means making the page or the website more search friendly, that means theoretically allowing the search engine to understand what your page is all about, reality is something else, in reality SEO is used to increase the page position (rank) in search result.

So, what is SEO friendly?
Well, it’s not SEO, but it helps SEO rank the page without having to be an expert.
These are simple steps that any writer can apply to help increase the search rank of the article written:

  1. Interesting title, not too long but not too short.
  2. Add Pictures/images & Videos if possible.
  3. Enough Text (at least 300-400 words).
  4. Use bold, underline, italic when you have to.
  5. Link to source if you are quoting.
  6. Link to articles or posts, that are in connection with the article.
  7. Try to have short phrases, and double check spelling.
  8. Make it humanly readable - enough spacing.
  9. Don’t mix languages a lot.
  10. Moderate the comments, spam is never too far.
Aug 7

Does a Blog influence my rank on search page?

If you are wondering whether having a blog would influence your website rank on search engines, the short answer is yes!

SEO, or search engine optimization is the strategies to be applied in order to rank high in the search result page, but in reality SEO is common sense!

Back to the question: does a blog influence your ranking? and Why?

It does influence you ranking because: you will have more content and content is king, meaning content have a positive influence on a website rank.